Health and Fitness

Our health and PE curriculum follows state standards by including:

  • Movement & physical fitness
  • Nutrition studies & promoting safe living
  • Developing an individualized fitness plan

Students in grades 2-5 take part in The Presidential Fitness Exam where students are tested using five activities that measure muscular strength/endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility.

Our recess times involve time for kids to spend time in natural settings. Playing in nature is good for our students’ sense of well-being and is proven to improve energy, creativity, memory and attention.

We teach children games such as four square, tetherball and kickball at recess time. We also provide individual materials such as juggling props, hula-hoops and jump ropes. Students have bike recess during the first and last month of school. In addition to recess, we have scheduled PE times where students learn physical movements and sportsmanship, while developing large motor skills.